Monday, November 12, 2018

Week-at-a-Glance for Nov. 13

This week looks a lot like last week.
Here are a few things to keep in mind...
  • Early dismissal (1:55 PM) everyday due to conferences. Click on this link to view your conference time: conference schedule. Please come directly to the classroom. 
  • Wednesday is Picture Day #2. You have to preorder, so please return the form if you're planning to purchase. Everyone gets photos taken regardless, including a full-class photo.
  •  Library on Thursday Bring all books back and get 5 new ones for reading over the break!
  • PROUD assembly on Friday
Nov. 19-23   No School - Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 4-7       Book Fair
Dec. 6          KIDDO! Donation Day  
Dec. 19        Room 18 "Winter Centers" Activites, 8:45-10:00am  -Parent helpers needed. Please 
                     email me if you want to help with the centers (sorry, no signup genius).
Dec. 22-Jan. 5   No School - Winter Break

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Week-at-a-Glance for Nov. 5

I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep last night. I know I did! :-)
Here are a few things to keep in mind this week...
  • Early dismissal (1:55 PM) everyday due to conferences. Click on this link to view your conference time: conference schedule. Please come directly to the classroom. 
  • VOTE!!
  •  Library on Thursday
  • No school Monday (Nov. 12.) Veteran's Day
To keep you informed, here are a few more upcoming dates.
Nov. 14        Picture Day #2 (due to problems with the previous vender)
Nov. 19-23   No School - Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 4-7       Book Fair
Dec. 6          KIDDO! Donation Day  
Dec. 19        Room 18 "Winter Centers" Activity Day, 8:45-10:00am -Parent helpers needed.
Dec. 22-Jan. 5   No School - Winter Break

One last thing... It would be very helpful if you would please let me know if your child will be missing any school between now and our Winter Break. No just helps me plan. :-) Thanks!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Government in Action

Today, Congressman Jared Huffman visited Edna. He talked about his job in the US House of Representatives. Lots of kids were able to ask him questions about  
and his experiences in Washington, DC. 
(No, he hasn't met Donald Trump face-to-face yet, but he has been in the same room with him.)
This was such a fortunate addition to our government studies. Congressman Huffman was very impressed with everything we already knew about the House of Representatives. 

Halloween 2018

We had a ghostly exciting Halloween celebration! A huge shoutout to all the parents who worked behind the scenes and also to those who braved the day and helped during the party. 
Thank you!! The kiddos had a blast!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Week-at-a-Glance for Oct. 29

Last Friday's speeches were incredible! Everyone loved seeing the special photos and hearing about the amazing experiences had by their friends. Each student was given a feedback sheet that can come home on Monday.  We'll put the photos on display in the hallway windows for all to enjoy - please check them out if you're ever in the 2nd-grade common area.

Yes, the big day is Wednesday. 

In case you missed it, here are the plans for Oct. 31...
Students should come to school wearing their costumes (optional, of course). After taking attendance in the classrooms, the students will line up to march in the all-school HALLOWEEN PARADE. Following the parade, we'll have some time for photo snapping in front the 2nd grade building. Then the kids will take a break outside while parents set up activities for the 2nd grade party. 
There are still a couple of slots open on the party helper sign-up. Click here to go to it.

Wednesday, Oct. 31 at-a glance:
8:50 – 9:25  All-school parade
9:30 – 10:15  Picture taking and recess (optional change out of costumes)
10:15 – 11:00  PARTY
11:00 - 3:00 Regular day stuff

Sunday, Nov. 4 - Daylight Saving Time - Fall back an hour
Nov. 5-16 Early dismissal (1:55 pm) for conferences
Nov. 12 (Mon.) Veteran's Day -No School
Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving Week - No School

KIDDO! Needs Everyone
Your contributions to Kiddo! bring so many important programs to our school. Because of your
donations, our students are given regular instruction in art, music, dance, drama, poetry, and P.E.
This year, my students and I also get help from classroom aides, library aides, and tech experts.
Please know that your voluntary donations to Kiddo! every year – in any amount – help keep
great programs and people in place at our school. Thanks in advance for helping Kiddo! support
our schools.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Our First Speech - WaaG for Oct. 22

Here's the big news of the week...
On Friday, Oct. 26, the boys and girls in room 18 will be presenting their first speeches. I'm posting a copy of the directions here so you can help your child prepare and practice his or her speech. On Friday, each child was  given these directions and the planning sheet with lines to write in their responses. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need clarification.

All second graders will have the chance to prepare and deliver several one-minute speeches throughout the year. Speeches give students an opportunity to to learn how to share their ideas in front of other people. Room 18 is a safe place to learn, and since we've been practicing having a "growth mindset," this should be a comfortable environment for kids to develop this skill.

Speech Topic: You've Been Framed! Share a special photo with the class. 

For your first speech you will get to share a special photo of yourself. This photo must include YOU and can include family, pets, and/or friends. We will keep this photo here at school for the entire year. It should be no smaller than a half-sheet of paper, and no bigger than a full sheet.
Your photo does not need to be in a frame.

Planning Sheet:
Attention grabbing opening. (See your helper sheet for ideas.)
Who is in the photo you're sharing? Tell us their names and how you know them.
Tell us about what is happening in the photo. (Where are you? What are you doing? How old are you? Can you add more?)
Why did you choose to share this photo?
How does this photo make you feel?
Closing (see your helper sheet for ideas).

Do this:
Think about what you want to say. Write it on the lines (make more pages if you need more room).
Practice saying your speech until you know it well. You don't have to memorize it.
Try to speak clearly, loudly, and at a normal speaking speed. (This can be really hard when you're nervous. Practicing helps.) :-)
Try to look up at the audience rather than just down at your words.

Bring your speech and your photo on Friday, Oct. 26

Happy planning!